The Morwell Board and Sub-Committees provide the necessary direction and administration required to keep our Club functioning at the highest level.

Various Board Members can be contacted on the phone numbers listed below.

Board Season 2023 – 2024

PresidentFrank Tabone0409 102
Vice PresidentTony Oliver0409 184 083
Hon SecretaryDean Burridge0434 142
TreasurerRob Tewierik0408 272
CaptainHenry Kornacki0466 060
Membership SecretaryEffie Lau0422 886

Board Members

Mark Barlow, Garry Lalor, Sue Pearson Effie Lau

Web and Facebook Admin

Nikki Te Paa, Rob Tewierik

Life Members

Alex Dickson (Dec.), Matt English (Dec.), Tom Stillman (Dec.), Kerry Pallot (Dec), Cec Stait (Dec.), Neville Smith, Cath Little, Joan Peachey, Joe Deguara, Audrey Stanistreet, Nikki Te Paa, George Baleisa.

Women’s Sub-Committee Season 2023 – 2024

PresidentJoan Peachey0400 341 927
Vice PresidentVal Bartholomeusz0429 947 237
Hon SecretaryNikki Te Paa0409 669 605
TreasurerNikki Te Paa0409 669 605
CaptainSue Pearson0411 041 185

Women’s Sub-Committee Members

Rosalie Davey, Effie Lau Val Bartholomeusz


General and Common Elements of Sub-Committees:

Facilities Sub-Committee:

Course Sub-Committee

Women’s Sub-Committee:

Match and Play Sub-Committee:

Finance Sub-Committee:

Golf Development Sub-Committee:

Member Engagement Sub-Committee:

….07-Member Engagement Sub-Committee

Nikki Te Paa, Effie Lau

….08-Junior Development Committee:

Tim Ford, Scott Reynolds, Glenn Helmuth

Strategic Plan

Privacy Policy