Covid Rules – Phase B (70% fully vaccinated) – as from 23:59 21/10/2021

The following rules (amongst others) apply with the lessening of Covid restrictions.

  1. Face coverings are required indoors and outdoors (except whilst eating, drinking, etc).
  2. Social distancing of 1 person every 4 square meters (‘inside’).
  3. QR codes to be used when at the Club (even if only playing golf).
  4. Food and drink in the Club House can only be consumed whilst seated.
  5. Different numbers are allowed in the Club House, depending on vaccination status.
    1. If anyone is un-vaccinated, then the maximum number of people ‘inside’ is 10 (outside 30).
    2. If everyone is double-vaccinated, then the maximum number of people ‘inside’ is 30 (outside 100).
  6. ‘Inside’ includes the interior of the Club House, the 2 verandas upstairs, and the alcove downstairs (all within the ‘red-line’ used for the Liquor Licence).
  7. The maximum numbers for ‘inside’ include all areas – for instance if there are 4 on the veranda and 5 in the interior, the total ‘inside’ is 9.
  8. In order to monitor the vaccination status of those ‘inside’, staff or Board Members may request your vaccination status.
  9. If you do not have, or choose not to provide, your vaccination status, you must be classified as un-vaccinated.
  10. Vaccination status (for the purpose of validating ‘indoor’) can be supplied as: 
    1.  A ‘tick’ on the Services Australia app indicating vaccination status.
    2. Other official documentation of double-vaccination.
    3. Certification from a medical practitioner
  11. Updates to the Club’s Privacy Policy were made at the last Board meeting in response to vaccination information requirements, and will be published soon.   

More information will be released regarding playing golf once the rules are made clearer.

The Services Australia app (which is used when you QR-code check-in) can record your vaccination status.   The latest version needs to be downloaded, and then your certificate can be linked from your MyGov account (if you have all that!).    

Please be aware that when the 80% mark is reached (Phase C), the rules will change again.  Included in that change it is expected that double-vaccinated only people are allowed ‘inside’.  It seems that this will be around the start of November.

Please be patient, respectful and kind as people are doing their best to keep everyone safe and to comply with all the rules.

We are also requesting that people take personal responsibility for applying the rules.

The Covid Rules are available from the Regional Vic Roadmap etc, available on the Internet.  Links will be provided soon on the Club’s web-site.

Board 22/10/2021