As of today, Friday 10th September we will once again be able to play social golf. 

As stated by Golf Australia, social golf can be played in groups of 4.

Competition golf is not permitted as yet.

Covid rules apply.

There will be rules set out at the Golf club and we ask you to respect them so we can continue our beloved game. 

·        Wear a mask at all times even whilst playing golf.  (subject to exemptions)

·        QR registration on arrival

·        Social distancing and general hygiene

We will be opening the clubhouse but may only have 10 people seated at one time.

Outside we may have 20 people seated. 

·        Members must be seated to eat and drink. 

·        Food and drinks can be ordered whilst wearing a mask

·        Masks may be removed when seated and eating and drinking

·        Masks may not be removed on the course for the purpose of drinking alcohol

Green Fee players are welcome but must have ID checks to prove they are local and not from the metropolitan area.

Cards can be handicapped as ad-hoc scores for Morwell members only.

If you would like your card handicapped make sure you have documented the following:

·        Name

·        Date

·        Handicap

·        Golf link number

·        Signature

Once completed put your card in the box on the veranda.


Carts are permitted but strict rules MUST be adhered to as the course is very wet.

·        No carts on fairways

·        No crossing fairways

We seek your understanding and cooperation to do the right thing. Compared to Melbourne Metro, we are very privileged and do not want to lose that privilege.

Thank you all for supporting us during this time.